Teufelskreis - Spuren Der Vergangenheit (CD Review)

06.Ein Leben Lang
07.Verlorens Spiel
08.Im Angesicht
09.Schein Tod
11.Eifercucht (Edit)

Ronny Platzer (Vocals/Harp)
Friedl Schütz (Guitar/Vocals/Harp)
Chris Schön (Bass)
Christian Platschek (Drums)

German rock/metal band formed around 2008. From what i can gather this is an expanded re issue of their debut cd from 2009 with the addition of the 2012 mcd Lust Frust.

So aside from 'Verlorens Speil' which is quite a pounding heavy/thrash style with some nice guitar work, the rest of this album is pretty mainstream hard rock, nothing special at all, why the bio said there were two harp players i have no idea coz there is no harps on this on.

I suppose the Rammstein comparison is based on the the guitar sound and obvious german vocal, there is no other connections between the two i can hear.

Rating 6/10
For fans of: Rammstein, Oomph, Megaherz


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