Stahlmann - CO2 (CD Review)

03.Deutschland tanzt
04.Die Klinge
06.Friss mich
08.Wenn Engel tanzen
09.Der letzte Tag
10.Nimm meine Hand

Mart (Vocals/Programming)
Ablaz (Bass)
Frank (Guitar)
Max (Drums)

German band formed in 2008, they had an impressive start of their career: after the release of their debut EP "Herzschlag", the band around charismatic frontman Mart signed with AFM Records and worked on the release of their successful debut album "Stahlmann" which came out in autumn 2010.
Followed by numerous tours they soon convinced fans and critics.
With "Quecksilber" the success story began to fully unfold just over a year later.
Impressively managed to jump into the top 40 of the German Media Control Album Charts and it got topped again with their third album “Adamant” placed #34.

Beside their unique look (which quickly became a trademark) STAHLMANN also present their best songwriting and arrangements on “CO2” so far.
It is not too different from their previous works, but it shows a matured band that is able to put together an album full of hits.
In addition to the typical powerful musical style, catchy lyrics and Marts deep, distinctive voice, you can also find electrical and dubstep elements that will make the audience dance in the clubs again.

I suppose this is unfair of me, but all i hear here is Rammstein, first 3 songs are typical dance tinged/industrial rock tunes.
Track 4, 'Die Klinge' is more classical/symphonic, whilst the next one has a slightly funky bassline.

'Friss Mich' has that modern techno dance keyboard and drum machine sound and the rest are back to the standard industrial rock style.

So not much of a review, like i said its Rammstein and as they are not around at the moment they fill the gap.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Deathstars, The Bunny The Bear


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