Pyogenesis - A Century In The Curse Of Time (CD Review)

01.Steam Paves Its Way (The Machine)
02.A Love Once New Has Now Grown Old
03.This Won't Last Forever
04.The Best Is Yet to Come
06.The Swan King
07.Flesh And Hair
08.A Century In The Curse Of Time

Flo Schwarz (Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards)
Malte Brauer (Bass)
Olman Viper (Drums)
Tim 'Asmodeus' Eiermann (Guitar/Vocals)

From Germany, often listed as one of the early originators of gothic/doom rock.
Originally the band was a trio of Tim Eiermann, Joe Proell and Pit Muley, called Immortal Hate. They did a four track demo in 1990 called "Pyoginesis on a Festered Corpse".

A very complicated history that has seen them release some high quality albums and EP's, yet various band members kept doing other bands/side project such the Death/Grind band G.U.T.
Also alt rock and punk, the alt rock band 'Liquido' becoming quite successful.
After a long period of inactivity, the band announced an anniversery comeback in 2014.

Now taking an intresting idea of steampunk themes and creating a concept album is about the change of 19th century's society under the influence of industrialization, steam-engine, emerging bourgeoisie and science fiction literature such as Jules Verne.

Have to say the opening track 'Steam Paves Its Way (The Machine)' which has also been used as the first "single" from the album, complete with video, is far from the best track, its fairly generic mix of metalcore/melodic death metal, though the chorus does shine through.

Moving into a different sound comes 'A Love Once New Has Now Grown Old', a technical/speed metal workout with a very agressive vocal. Totally drum driven this song powers along and they throw in so much in the way of guitar playing and melody, forever changing tempo to create a much fuller song.

You can really start to get the measure of how this album is building up (to something big?) as 'This Won't Last Forever' is a six minute near prog metal exercise in precision playing, clever lyrics clearly sung and a very easy on the ear style.

Great symphonic intro to 'The Best Is Yet to Come', another anthemic/ neo prog piece.
Slow pounding rhythms with a fantastic backing chorus, again great vocals and the concept has now come to life and the music just gets better and better.
Love the slow bassline breakdown with acoustic guitar and sound f/x, really well put together song.

stunning keyboard intro into some epic guitar palying and 'Lifeless' is far from what the title suggests. This is another melodic neo prog monster, the quality of the music is at the top of its game, great vocals and some nice effects as well.

This song 'The Swan King' somewhat mirrors the sound of the first track, fairly generic again, however do i detect a riff from 'Message in a Bottle' in this one?
More anthemic prog with 'Flesh And Hair', has a very early 80's keyboard sound like "Asia", great sing a long backing vocal, also detected a female vocal on this one, but have no idea who it is, as no mention in promo stuff from record company.

Finally, now remember a few songs back i felt that this album was building up to something, well 'A Century In The Curse Of Time' is that "Something".
No less than 14 epic minutes, starting with violin and acoustic guitar and more stunning harmony vocals, this turns into a melodic neo prog masterpiece, it never veers into the heavy metal genre, staying true to its start it remains a clever mainstream symphony of harmony.

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Asia, Yes, Solstice Coil, Valerian Swing, Marillion


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