Luna Rise - Dark Days And Bright Nights (CD Review)

01.Demons Inside
04.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
05.For A Reason
06.The Secret In You
07.Silent Screams
08.Worshippin’ Shadows
09.Until The Stars Have Come
10.In Your Arms
11.The Storm
12.The Anthem Of The Night

Chris Divine (Vocals/Guitar)
L.X. (Keyboards)
Andy Earth (Guitar)
Rob Rocket (Bass)
Loup Garou (Drums)

Bernie Pfeiffer (Exit To Eden) - Screams on Track 1
Tanja Ilic - Backing Vocals Track 2
Lisa Untersmayr - Backing Vocals Track 4
Melanie Hirner - Vocals Track 9

A Melodic-Rock band from Enns in Upper Austria, formed in 2011.
They like to move the boundaries between heavy and emotional musical moments and catchy but mighty melodies.
Their sound strikes one in a hell-for-leather manner while simultaneously revealing influences ranging from Hardrock to Progressive Metal, incorporating traces of mysterious Doom and Gothic Rock.

Right so having just listened to the album, what the bio should have read was HIM tribute band do Ultravox cover on new album to an okay standard of average music that acts as a reminder that you dont have to be original to get an album released these days if you look right and have a nice easy to listen too sound that will appeal to readers of Kerrang!

So to be fair to the album, it does the job quite well, the HIM style was a winner and these guys do it justice, think its a shame that they couldnt find an element of their own to throw in, but its not the worse thing i have heard this year by a long shot and that Ultravox cover is pretty good.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: HIM, Rasmus, Velvet Six, 69 Eyes


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