Idolatry & Unrest - Infection Born Of Ending (Single Review)

01.Unrest - Of Filth

Destroyer (All Instruments/Vocals)

Unrest is a depraved black metal spawned from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. A one man entity whose sole focus is to explore the dark side of human nature. Unrest  delivers a raw, unrelenting and uncompromising sound that takes the listener to a dark, visceral path.

02.Idolatry - Clefs Au Chambre De Tristesse

Lycaon Vollmond (Guitar)
Nox Invictus (Guitar)
Daemonikus Abominor (Drums)
Lörd Matzigkeitus (Vocals)
Angrif Frostkeit (Bass)

Idolatry has already made a great impact with their self titled debut ep and the ghastly music video of the track “Clefs au Chambre de Tristêsse (A Key to the Room of Sadness)“ which is also a part of the split. The atheistic satanic quartet has been regularly participating in various live rituals.

Recently Edmonton’s blasphemous entity Idolatry has united with the Colombus based raw black metaller Unrest for a two way split, entitled as “Infection Born of Ending”.  Limited number of copies of the split has been released from Appalachian Noise Records in 7" format.

So side one is 'Of Filth' by Unrest, and it is a muddy production with uninteligible growls. Makes those early darkthrone demos sound like classical music.
Its very raw, very underground and quite doomy in places.

Side two offers Idolatry with 'Clefs Au Chambre De Tristesse', again not a great production but definately more musical, i guess thats the advantage of having a full band. Typical of early black metal but towards the end when the spoken bit comes in gets a bit doomy and slower.

Hey this gets my vote, underground music on limted edition vinyl!

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Marduk, Darkthrone, Hellhammer


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