Raum Kingdom - Raum Kingdom (CD Review)

02.Barren Objects
03.Cross Reference
04.These Open Arms
05.This Sullen Hope

Ronan Connor (Bass)
Mark Gilchrist (Drums)
Andrew Colohan (Guitar)
Dave Lee (Vocals)

Raum Kingdom started out in late 2013 from the east coast of Ireland with Singer - Dave Lee and Guitarist - Andrew Colohan who were looking to create a soul crushing experience of sonics. It wasn't until long time friends, Bassist - Ronan Connor and Drummer - Mark Gilchrist joined the line up that this project ready to express itself. So Raum Kingdom had found the creative force and sound to start progressing.

With all members having a great passion for all genres of music, it was time to channel this into what would turn out to be Raum Kingdom's Debut Self titled – Self Released 5 track EP, Which was released in April 2014.
Raum Kingdom's heart is for turning negativity into positivity and having a blast for doing what they have a passion for.

'Wounds' was not what i was expecting it's an atmospheric and interesting mix of doom/grunge and metal, loaded with pounding rhythms and gruff vocals.

Still with a doom edge but 'Barren Objects' has this dark psychedelic quality, some great bass work as well really comes through.

'Cross reference' has a very quiet start and then gets this sort of spoken word/rap style vocal, the oasional cymbal crash behind, it's a weird piece.

Another quiet start for 'These Open Arms' before launching into this riff heavy powerhouse that just crashes through the speakers with wave after wave of energy.

Finally 'This Sullen Hope', and again slow beginning into huge bursts of energy definatley a grunge/doom hybrid.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Tool, Deftones, Isis, Earth, Melvins