Running Death - Overdrive (CD Review)

01.It Begins
02.Hell On Earth
04.Remote Controlled
05.Close Minded
06.Raging Nightmare
09.Pray For Death
12.I See A Fire

Simon Bihlmayer (Vocals/Guitar)
Julian Gruber (Guitar)
Max Bauer (Bass)
Jakob Weikmann (Drums)

German thrash metal band first got noticed back in 2012 with their speed tinged thrash metal EP 'The Call Of Extinction', the follow up to 2010 debut 'Raging Nightmare'.
Since then the band have gone from strength to strength, now having taken their live experience and new writing into the studio they have unleashed their debut album.

'It Begins' with a pointless intro, yes another fine example of a band who decide that the beginning of an album should have as a first seperate track the beginning of the second track. So 'Hell On Earth' starts us properly and is a very good song! Displaying an understanding of the genre and its roots this is a high energy, part speed metal, old school thrash metal workout, solid bass and drums, excellent riffing and a good vocal delivery.

Up next is the very rhythmic 'Psycho', the drums really drive this one creating the background for some great melody and expert riffing.

Have to say that 'Remote Controlled' has a touch of the NWOBHM about it, a much more mainstream early 80's sounding classic heavy metal song, reminiscent at times of those great British bands that influenced the original thrash genre.

'Close Mided' is a slower and darker sounding song, again not a great deal of thrash going on here but another solid heavy metal tune.

After the last two songs seemingly taking us on a different route the next song 'Raging Nightmare' nails the Thrash Metal colours to the wall, a full on thrash/speed hybrid that totally powers through the speakers!

It was all going so well then comes 'Deludium', again seriously? a one and a half minute acoustic intro to 'Mercenary', its one fucking song not two!
A shame in some ways because it turns into a near symphonic style of thrash at one point and possibly deserves more than im gonna say.

'Pray For Death', 'Reduced' and 'Overdrive' all return to the classic early thrash sound and then finally comes 'I See A Fire'.
This last song really ends the album in style, a superb mix of thrash/speed and those nWOBHM influences and manages to have an intro as part of the song!

So aside from my "Intro" issues this is a really good album, well sung, well played and well produced.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Megadeth, Amulet, Toxic Waltz, Annihilator


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