Bliksem - Gruesome Masterpiece (CD review)

01.Crawling In The Dirt
03.Room Without A View
04.Mistress Of The Damned
05.The Hunt
06.Morphine Dreams
07.Twist The Knife
08.Barbaric Nation
09.Fucked Up Avenue
10.Out Of The Darkness

Peggy Meeussen (vocals)
Jeroen De Vriese (Guitar)
Toon Huet (Guitar)
Jan Rammeloo (Bass)
Rob Martin (Drums)

Shockwaves radiating out in all directions. In Dutch, this deadly natural phenomenon
is called “bliksem.”  A fitting name for an electrifying five-piece thrash band from Antwerp, Belgium.

Formed in 2007.The storm began brewing when Jeroen De Vriese, Toon Huet, Rob Martin and Jan Rammeloo, began crafting their high energy thrash 2.0.
Their quest to find a singer on par with Chuck Billy or Dave Mustaine took an unexpected and brilliant turn with the arrival of Peggy Meeussen. Her commanding razor-edged vocals slicing through the existing legions of goth or guttural female-fronted bands.

Thrash Metal? Not quite sure what their idea of said genre is, dont think its melodic ballads and mainstream 80's euro metal with a few punchy riffs thrown in occasionally.
For some reason the vocalist reminds me of Cher and a song like 'Out Of The Darkness' could even be one of her songs (though not as heavy).

So not thrash, just metal and as such a very good example. The music is powerful, even the ballads come over well, lots of good guitar solos, plenty to get your head banging.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Crystal Viper, Warlock, Znowhite


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