Slow Worm - The Inverse Ascent (CD Review)

01.Crypt Of The Vultures
03.Ego Twin Chrysalis
04.Where I Creep, The Light Is Shy

Tommy Tit (Guitar)
Samuel Esuna Root (Bass)
George Sanderon (Drums)
Max Mead (Guitar)
Alan O'Neill (Vocals)

Leicester based band formed in 2011, described as "Melodic weavers of cosmic despair, gazers into the occult dream void".

Starting with the 9 minute 'Crypt Of The Vultures' we are treated to a doom laden monster with soaring vocals. So lets just take a minute here and say "hoofuckinray!" because its real singing, not the usual grunts and growls, word written to be heard!
As the song progresses the music takes a huge leap back in time to the days of early proto doom/heavy prog.

For the first 5 minutes of 'Farther' we are treated to more of the same, the last 3 minutes are a much more laid back, spacey and psychedelic, basically one synth short of classic Hawkwind.

The oddly titled 'Ego Twin Chrysalis' is an epic trip through psych/doom, with some grunt vocals thrown in (but in this case they work well). This is 13 minutes of pure listening pleasure, quite beautiful with the harmony and guitar at times.
Towards the end the speed picks up, meaning that somehow they have managed to throw everything into this one, and it worked!

Finally 'Where I Creep, The Light Is Shy', this is a very ambient keyboard piece, an eerie, creepy and uneasy soundtrack to some long forgotten underground italian horror movie from the 1970's! Amazing stuff!!!

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Cathedral, Lucifer, Bloody Hammers, Uncle Acid & Deadbeats, Selim Lamouchi


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