Toys-R-Noise - Toys-R-Noise (CD Review)

01.Untitled 1
02.Untitled 2
03.Untitled 3
04.Untitled 4
05.Untitled 5
06.Untitled 6

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As the name suggests, the band Toys'R'Noise made its music with toys and handmade instruments. Regarding the philosophy of the project, a comparison could be drawn between the band and Chapi Chapo but in fact the conception of the music is more adventurous. Indeed, it is outside the box and finds its roots in the ambient industrial electro. A camouflaged disc par excellence, Toys'R'Noise often navigates in the ambient and the down-tempo and sometimes the music goes louder but without becoming hard.

Sometimes, Toys'R'Noise takes a magic and hypnotic form in the way of Masters Musicians Of Bukkake or the Swans. If there is one thing to remember concerning this album it is that the listener is easily overwhelmed by the propositions of musical escape that Toys'R'Noise develops during tracks with a length between 3 and 11 minutes. The first track, soberly named untitled 1, gives at first side a beautiful moment of naïve optimism but then a fascinating electo-mystical anthem.
The last track called untitled 6 catches us with a rising tension (skifully accompanied by sparkle) during 11 minutes.
Between those two tracks we accept to follow the band in its musical trip which is never difficult to follow. We are almost tempted to say that it is "easy-listening" without its pejorative sense but, on the contrary, always exciting to discover. The dilemma of moving to the next track or not is not an issue because we could have the feeling of missing an important stage towards the path of the band. It is just about trying our own ability to be guided, or not.

Okay well thats a slightly edited version of the info that came with this promo.
It reads as pretentious pseudointellectual
 crap that attempts to justify some pretty average avante garde ambient/electronic noise that falls way short of what it claims to be.

Had this been totally created on childrens toys, it would have been at the very least intresting and even "clever", but this ust sounds like standard synth and samples and the odd unusual sound here and there.

The idea of aural art has been around a long long time, it can be interesting, this is just a waste of time.

Rating 3/10
For fans of: Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musiques De Pluie, Masters Musicians Of Bukkake


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