Doomed - Wrath Monolith (CD Review)

02.Our Ruin Silhouettes
03.Euphoria’s End
04.The Triumph – Spit
05.Looking Back
06.I’m Climbing

Pierre Laube (All Instruments/Vocals/Programming)
Yves Laube (Lead Guitar)
Andreas Böse (Drums)
Frenzy Pfeifer (Bass)

Guest Vocalists & Musicians:
Pim Blankenstein (Officium Triste)
Ed Warby (The 11th Hour)
Johan Ericson (Doom: VS)
Anny Bauermeister & Andreas Kaufmann (Hatespawn)
Grimo (Cytotoxin)

The fourth album of the German band formed back in 2011.Designed in the style of previous Doomed works, continues to present canonic doom death metal, rigid and uncompromising, but more vigorous in terms of performance. Guest vocalists, including Johan Ericson (Doom: VS) and Ed Warby (The 11th Hour), bring new paints and emotional colors to the album. At this time, however, changes occur in band ideology: this concept album considers the crisis of the modern world, with its conflicts and human sins, forcing musicians to reconsider the understanding of society and to seek ways out of this situation. Solution to all problems is on top of the Monolith. Monolith is growing every day, so it is impossible to reach the top..

'Paradoxon' starts with some nice classical piano and then launches into some epic funeral doom with a superb production quality not often heard with this genre.
Yes it still  has that low growl vocal style, however, the music just carries the whle thing, nice melodic breakdowns lead you nto some more furious death metal tinged elements before returning to melody and finally back to the funeral doom.

A change of pace with 'Our Ruin Silhouettes' which at times sounds more like symphonic metal, as does to a certain extent 'Euphoria’s End', both have very melodic and upbeat riffs and keyboard, only the vocal keeps it doomy.

Screeching birds? well thats what the intro to 'The Triumph - Spit' sounds like to me, but the music is a slow pounding headbanger of a song with a catchy keyboard and guitar sound. Add to this an evil sounding Death Metal vocal and this shapes up to a dark monster.

Another melodic doom workout with 'Looking Back' leads us into the final track 'Im Climbing' a short and nasty death metal/screamo piece, full of hate and anger yet keeping a melodic background through keyboard and guitar riffs.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Dread Sovereign, Cathedral, Serpentine Path, Primitive Man


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