Al B Damned - For Old Times Stake (CD Review)

01.Good To Be Bad
02.Scream Come True
03.Drink The Blood
04.Home Is Where The Haunt Is
05.Look Who's Stalking
08.Never Sleep Again
09.Life In Space
10.End Of The Line
11.Creeping Beauty Part 2
12.You Are What We Eat
14.Possessed (Acoustic)
15.Chopping Mall (Remake)

Joey Draper (Vocals/Bass/Guitars)
Pip Samson (Drums/Backing Vocals)

James McIlroy (Guitar Solos: Good To Be Bad/Drink The Blood)
Doug Cartwright & Alexz "Face" Allen - Guitar (Look Who's Stalking)
Dan Evans (Guitar)

Having reviewed their new ep last month complete with the usual mini bio etc  (Look Whos Stalking Review) I shall get straight to the album.

A little symphonic music introduces us to 'Good To Be Bad', the haunting keyboard sound remains throughout the song, its so simple yet somehow it's understated appearence holds you in its own right.The song itself is slow, powerfull and the vocals have a raw growl to them.Then right at the end comes a killer solo to end of one helluva opener!

'Scream Come True' is a pretty straight forward rocker, reminiscent of "Raise Your Fist" era Alice Cooper.

Picking up the pace next with 'Drink The Blood', a hint of good old rock n roll lurks here, some really solid pedal work from Pip, great backing vocals and this one really drives along with its sing-a-long style.
Another instatntly recognisable solo is then perfectly executed but then the music drops out for a near tortured vocal full of emotion, finally the band join in to close.

Great bass playing kicks off 'Home Is Where The Haunt Is', this is another slower paced song, quite typical of the horror rock style, this one stalks the speakers with menace.

'Look Whos Stalking' and this one sure packs a punch, it's faster and heavier than previous songs, definatley like a jam session between the Misfits and Motorhead, add some riff loaded guitar work and a shout it out loud backing and this is one killer song.

Staying with the previous vibe comes 'Exorsister', not quite as furious, but has all the swagger and more of those infectious backing vocals.

Oh wow 'Modified' is really different, the vocal effect reminds me of Corey Taylor is his darker spoken moments, this is a dark and werid gothic monster, slow and anthemic treatment from the drums and guitar and some clever multi tracked vocal styles.

Some nice hints of Thrash Metal in 'Never Sleep Again', punchy riffs and some frantic drumming absolutley sledgehammer this one through my speakers.
Towards the end it gets weird, first with something that sounds like its from the soundtrack to clice barkers Candyman, then some strange vocal chants.

Some space related samples, awesome little synth pattern and near gothic guitar picking and 'Life In Space' presents itself as another dark, neo gothic downbeat song.
If the Peter Murphy vocal delivery wasn't enough to behold it gets the weird treatment with some f/x as well.

Relaxed and chilled as I was after that last song, my ears get blown up by 'End Of The Line' more of that upbeat horror rock delivered with real passion and understanding of the genre.

'Creeping Beauty Part 2' starts off dangerously like a ballad, fortunatley that doesn't last long and it picks up, but I have to say I do find it a tad average, it's mid paced but doesn't seem to go anywhere.What happend to Part One? Ahh just remembered it's an old TDQM song :-)

The fact that 'You Are What We Eat' includes a lyric that says "welcome to the jungle" seems to indicate a touch of Guns N Roses and you know the overall glam/metal/rock n roll feel of this song could fit in with the classic era of that band.

Bringing the mood right down next with 'Mommy', a melancolic and moody gothic tune, that candyman sound is back as well, another stand out song thats for sure.

'Possessed (Acoustic)' well not that acoustic as there is synth on it, the passionate and tortured vocal delivery is first class.

Finally 'Chopping Mall (Remake)' another old TDQM song given the ABD treatment, this one adds a little more agression with the guitar and is a nice way to end a brilliant and well executed album.

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, The Misfits, Generation Graveyard


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