Neverendinghate - Demo EP (Cassette Review)

02.Silenciando La Memoria
03.No Hay Perdón Para El Cobarde

Enserune (Vocals/Bass)
Erun Dagoth (Guitar/Drums)

Spanish duo formed band in 2013, released first demo last year and now getting a re-issue to reach a wider audience.
This is a limited edition cassette only release.

Strange and pointless 'Intro' into a strange and noise laden first song, chaotic and all over the place, one wonders what the fuck is going on, were they in the same room when they recorded this or even the same planet?
Drums are out of time, vocal screams have nothing to add, on occasion however it does briefly come together with a good bit of guitar playing, but then it goes off in different directions again.

'No Hay...' slightly more together, some quite clever timing changes blending the brutality with some doom elements, but again terrible vocals and that drumming keeps going out of time with the rest of the noise, a brief guitar solo cannot save this one either.

Next up is 'Esclavos' and is the only song here that has some real structure, that said its just another pointless noise, this is followed by some stunning but simple guitar strumming as the 'Outro'.

Yes okay it's a demo, but i fail to see what they are trying to achieve or where they intent to head next.The blurb claims this to be "visceral old school Thrash/Black/Death Metal, in the vein of the old masters with a faster approach", not sure which old masters they mean, obviously one i've never heard of.

Rating 4/10
For fans of: Korgull The Destroyer


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