Mindfall - Post Apocalyptic Grind EP (CD Review)

01.False Decisions-Fatal Actions
02.Slashed Tongues
03.Dead Inside
04.Shadows Grow Deep

Juha Aunola (Vocals)
Andy Aunola (Guitar)
Jonne Tolonen (Guitar)
Mikko Pakanen (Bass)
Jari Huttunen (Drums)

Mindfall formed in 2014 and are from the City of Oulu, Northern Finland.
Band members have many years of experience in a various other bands playing music from
different genres.
The band members are defined by participation in the song writing process and the desire to provide an intensive gig experience to the audience.

Well no fancy intro from these guys damn if the first song doesn't just explode through the speakers with an unholy scream and then bang right into the powerhouse that is 'False Decisions-Fatal Actions'.Not as the title suggests "Grind" but more of a very well produced technical death metal with some real melody blending with true power.

Less furious but just as brutal is 'Slashed Tongues', highly rhythm drum patterns are punctuated by simple but effective chords, the chorus is backed with a great riff, really gives the song some structure and depth.

'Dead Inside' is another juggernaut of a song, driven by superb drumming, the song builds as the guitars come in, all the time the song is held together by the death meatl styled vocal, but one you can hear!

A highly melodic start to 'Shadows Grow Deep', almost lures you into a happy place but as was expected the power and agression comes in and smacks you around the head, but through clever timing changes they bring that melody back to perfection.

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Chaosanct, Xenochord, Spitting Blood


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