Hrust Kostilyo - Degredation, Manipulation Mobilization (CD Review)

01.Paranoia - The Art Of Survival
02.Mentally Healthy Or Religious?
03.Projecting Justice
04.Managed Hostility
05.Totalitarian Tolerance
06.Degradation, Manipulation, Mobilization
07."Independence" Under Gentle Percentage
08.Destination - Chaos
09.Ordered Accomplishment

Evgeniy Pankov (Bass)
Timofey Dyakin (Drums)
Evgeniy Dyakin (Guitars)
Nikolay Valyukevich (Vocals)

Formed 2012 in russia play a mixture of grindcore and death metal, this is their second EP.

Err okay here we go again and it's piggy squeal vocal time!
The music is pretty solid, punching basslines cut through heavy riffs and some frantic drumming.

Kind of at a loss what to say here, its grindcore, you either like it or dont, we can hardly talk about the complexities of the guitar sound or the intresting timing changes referencing a progressive influence, now can we?

Rating 8/10
For fans of: River Freshny, Kunt Puncher, DEOAG


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