Zapotek - Blood Offering EP (Download Review)

01.Blood Offering
02.Rip Your Face Off
03.Human Sacrifice
04.Atomic Energy
05.Noise Machine

Sky London (All Instruments)

This is the new project from Sky London who has moved out from behind the drum kit (currently with Star Scream) into Bass Music Production in the DnB/Dubstep/EDM style.
Not being a style i know anything about this could be a tricky review.

Starting with 'Blood Offering' an ambient and quite percussive beginning, nice light synth tones, yet as the keyboards come in more it has an edgy almost un-nerving quality, synth pulses then come in with a few voice samples thrown in.
It almost sounds like a intro to a horror movie and not what I was expecting.

The same quality of soundscapes return for 'Rip Your Face Of' add a more uptempo drum beat and this is clearly aimed at the dancefloor, but there are intresting elements thrown in here, my old ears detect a passing nod to electronica soundtracks by Klaus Schulze to more modern  composers like Deadmau5.

The next piece 'Human Sacrifice' has some electronic harpsicord and a very disturbing sample of a babys vice.
The music is punctuated by some clever synth scrapes and use of traditional piano.

'Atomic Energy' is multilayered with voice samples and hi-energy drum and bass rhythms, the overall style is very reminiscent to Chase & Status.

The final piece 'Noise Machine' has a more automated rhythm, tinges of Kraftwerk and Moroder blend perfectly with the modern dubstep style.
Nice use of vocal samples once again and at times the timing changes and chord structures, use of drum machine and that hi-hat sound remind me of good old "house music", can see a dancefloor rammed with everybody waving their hands around.

Overall I have to say, to me it seems quite dark in places, not happy and upbeat, more suited to a cyberpunk gig than Ibiza!

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Deadmau5, Chase & Status, Skream, Skrillex