Offal & Zombie Cookbook - Split EP (Single Review)

01.Dementia Trash. The Cult Of The Low-budget Cinema.
02.Spinal Extractions Fiend For Blood

André Luiz (Vocals)
Igor Thomaz (Drums)
João Carlos Ongaro (Bass)
Tersis Zonato (Guitar)

2 bands from Brazil playing a mixture of grindcore and death metal and presented on a limited edition 7" vinyl ep.

Well bit of a suprise track 1 has a really good mix from thrash inspired grind to an almost sludge/doom sound, yep its got the death metal vocal, but overall its quite musical!
Track 2, standard under a minute 100mph in your face grind/death.


03.Motel Hell
04.Eredità Maledetta

Dr.Stink (Vocals)
Horace Bones (Guitar)
Ed The Dead (Guitar)
Purgy (Bass)
Dr Freudstein (Drums)

More of a punk attitude to this first track, at times its like Motorhead on speed, vocals are slightly clearer, the second track starts off quite weird before heading into grind territory.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Carcass, Coffinborn, Kunt Puncher, Ghoul


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