Lachrimatory - Transient (CD Reissue Review)


Ávila Schultz (Vocals/Keyboards)
Tiago Alvarez (Guitar)
Alexandre Antunes (Guitar)
Paulo Kolb (Drums)
Wagner Muller (Bass)
Maiko Thome (Cello)

tmospheric Doom Death band from Brazil formed in 1999.
The 15th anniversary of the band is marked by the official issue of the only current full-length band album by Solitude Productions. Originally self-released as CD-R in 2011 “Transient” was rapidly sold out and gained a lot of positive and exciting responses and was a hard-to-get item so far. Now this masterpiece is available as a professionally printed CD with high-quality printed material fully corresponding to the original artwork crafted by the band.

'Seclusion' comes in at a stunning 12 minutes, it is epic, slow drums, simple guitar riff and very downbeat orchestration and cello.
It's when the vocal comes in I have slight reservations, its a typical death growl vocal, I was expecting something more melodic, but as it goes on we do get a variety of vocals from the backing to some spoken parts, so overall I get it and yes it does work.

After the self titled track comes 'Twilight' and this one is layered with some amazing paino work and the pace picks up from doom to extreme.

Both 'Deluge' and 'Void' come in at eleven minutes a piece, both stunning exercises in how to mix funeral doom with classical influence and then pile on the death metal elements with distracting from the overall downbeat structure.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: My Dying Bride, Albez Duz, Witchsorrow, Primitive Man


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