Morass Of Molasses - So Flows Our Fate EP (CD Review)

01.Rotten Teeth
03.Fear To Tread
04.Bear River

Bones The Beard (Vocals/Bass)
Phil The Mountain (Guitar)
Chris The Beast (Drums)

Stoner band formed in march 2013, like a half submerged man slowing crawling onto dry land; Not yet completely visible. Dragging behind him all that he has experienced. Thick with mud, drenched with sweat. Feral, but subdued, waiting for the moment to drag you down.
This three piece from Reading blend all your favourite sins into a rich odious syrup... they will rot your teeth.

'Rotten Teeth' starts with a huge wall of sound and just as it gets going, goes all melodic and quiet, almost reminding me of that early grunge style.
With each of the four tracks you get this amazing blend of classic neo 70's sounds and modern influence, somehow it manages to sound retro and up to date and for some reason I can't help but feel it sounds a bit American.
Now that's not a bad thing at all in fact i would go so far to say it's very clever to be able to create this music at this level for a debut and give the estabilished American movement something to think about.

So if you like pure power, epic guitar playing, soulfull vocals, agression and melody, then this is one to add to the collection.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Dusteroid, Blood Island Raiders, Kyuss, Trippy Wicked, The Quill


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