Dormant Inferno & Dionysus - Beyond Forgotten Shores (CD Review)

Dormant Inferno
01.Veil Of Lunacy
03.A Once Holy Throne (Incantation)

Gautam Shankar (Vocals)
Sunny Bhambri (Guitar/Bass)
Lenin Kharat (Keyboards)

Formed in 2009, Amidst the clutter of Thrash, Death & Metalcore bands in Mumbai, two guys decided to take a different route and play Doom Metal back in 2009. Influenced by varied bands Dormant Inferno aims at attaining a sound which is minimal yet captivating. Dormant Inferno hopes at exposing the Metalheads in Mumbai to Doom Metal, a beautiful yet ignored genre of Metal.

Starting off with a pretty straight forward modern metal workout 'Veil Of Lunacy' has no elements of Doom at all, the acoustic sounding breakdown around 3 minutes in is well played and then starts to come to life as darker chords come in and some evil sounding vocals appear.

'Deliverance' is a bit more doomy but then ends up sounding more like Iron Maiden, okay with death meatl growl vocals and then just like the previous track it goes all quiet with another acoustic breakdown and with added hushed vocal, expecting this one to then go into Doom, well it doesn't, almost symphonic metal yes, doom no.

Well for the last song 'A Once Holy Throne' can we get some doom? Nope again just metal, might have a dark edge to it but it aint doom.

Rating 4/10

04.Beneath The Skies Of War

Sheraz Ahmed (Guitar/Drums)
Umair Ahmed (Guitar)
Waleed Ahmed (Vocals/Bass/Acoustic Guitar)
Rauhan Lasharie (Flute/Synth/Violin)

Dionysus is a Death/Doom band from Lahore, Pakistan, and thats about all the info i have on them im guessing they formed around 2010.

'Beneath The Skies Of War' and still no sign of Doom metal, this is more of a mix of death/extreme metal with a slight nod to a couple of doomish chords.

And here comes the 'Rain' for another death metal inspired workout, at times more melodic thrash than anything else, this ones saving grace is the last few minutes of clever use of acoustic instruments and a bluesy/power metal solo.

Rating 6/10

So what should have been a blistering doom split ep, turns out to be another dissapointment, have these people never heard of Electric Wizard or Cathedral???


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