Breathless - Return To Pangea (CD Review)

01.Tectonic Chant
03.Atomic Waste
04.Introspective Nightmare
05.Return To Pangea
06.Beyond The Ritual
08.Ursula Has A Tank
10.Brooding Wraith
11.Spinning Metal

Joan Font (Drums)
Eduardo Moreno (Guitar/Vocals)
Nazareno (Bass)

Spanish thrash metal band formed way back in 1999, yet this is only their second album.

Starting with a pointless intro the music kicks in with a slow and melodic start, but as 'Killing-sophy' progresses we are treated to some quite technical sounding thrash metal with a slayer (ish) vocal.

'Atomic Waste' is a mixture of that classic chugging sound and more upbeat rhythms, but doesn't seem to go anywhere to make you sit up and go "Wow" and that tends to be the feeling I get from the next few songs as well.

A borderline mix of speed metal riffs and traditional thrash is apparent on 'Beyond The Ritual' and has so far proved the best one so far.

The rest is pretty much "Thrash by numbers" it ticks the boxes but fails to push the boundaries or raise it's head above a thousand other bands doing the same thing, maybe thats why its only their second album after so many years?

Rating 5/10
For Fans Of: Slayer, Evile, Elimination


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