The Lidocaine - Chicken Cage Of Horror (CD Review)

01.Chicken Cage Of Horror
02.Empty Space Devil's Blog
03.The End Of The Beginning....
04.Too Late To Escape
06.Onion Of Chasity
07.Zest For Life
09.Throat Of A Monster
10.Voyage Of Discovery

Anthony Rausku (Vocals/Guitar)
Eroz (Vocals/Guitar)
Tatu Hiltunen (Bass)
Jari Vanhanen (Drums)

The Lidocaine are a finnish rock/metal/progressive band coming from the city of Helsinki, formed in 2007.
Their debut album "The Voices and Noises of KILING KOLING" was released in summer 2009 and their second album "On The Road To MIERO" was released in 2013.

Okay so this is pretty odd, 'Chicken Cage Of Horror' starts with a pretty wild but straight forward mix of rock and metal, but the vocal really carrys the song, part power metal style part almost folk/metal, cant really put my finger on it, it is also slightly silly, but very infectious, I wonder what's next?

Even with this next song cant help but notice a kind of folkish rock element to the music, that said it also seriously rocks, i am really struggling with this one!

Okay skipping forward to 'Too Late To Escape' and we have a rock ballad with female vocals, no mention in the blurb as to who this is?

Thats followed by 'Fabrication' a sort of melodic thrash workout, lots of neat riffs and some great drumming, gets into some quite epic classic rock style riffing during its seven minute duration.

Back to the silly with 'Onion Of Chasity' from more folkish vocal to what sounds like an impression of dani filth, all over some frantic extreme metal then it all gets this timing change that shouldn't work but somehow does.

Really moving into prog territory with 'Zest For life' like rush jamming with primus.

With 'Retrobution' well frankly I give up, ballad, heavy metal, extreme metal, doom, blues, you name it it's in here somewhere!

After another fairly straight forward and very well executed prog/metal workout on 'Throat Of A Monster' we get to 'Voyage Of Discovery' more folk rock blended with just about everything else and some more female vocals (I think).

One helluva album, quite brilliant, full of humor and just about every genre of rock and metal n show at one time or another.

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Primus, Deep Switch, Turisas


Marie Rausku said…
The female vocals in "Too Late To Escape" are performed by Lucie Niemelä who is a Czech-Finnish musician, singer and songwriter
Stu Tovell said…
Thankyou for the info :-)

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